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Benefits to USP Customers

  • English Speaking Product Development, Sales and Customer Service
  • Certified Quality – We stand behind our products!
    • Significant understanding of FDA Compliance, HACCP, GMP, ISO Audits and Business Practices/Ethics
  • Extensive Product Development Capability
  • Reputable and Reliable Factories
  • Unsurpassed Service including Quick Turnaround
  • Full Supply Chain “Visibility” to our customers and for our Factory Partners
  • Years of Experience in Production/Management
  • Experienced Sales and Marketing Staff
  • The Best Price!

Sourcing Model

Established Years of Strong Supplier Relationships

  • On Shore – 25 + years
  • Off Shore – 10 + years

Established Technical Design Relationships

  • Product Development Protocols
  • Product Specs
  • Order Requirements

We have done all of the investigation/research

  • Capability
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Reliability

Press Checks

  • Digital Proof
    • Copy, Line Color, Color Break, Trap
  • Cylinder Proof
    • Process Color, Lines Screens, Final Copy/Layout
  • Press Run and Hold

Off Shore

  • Low Cost Suppliers
  • Great for Labor Intensive Items – Pouches, Bags, Complex/Multilayer Structures, Printed Structures, etc.
  • Larger volume
  • Commodity Items – Surface Print PE’s – OPP, PET, Metalized Films
  • Somewhat Longer Lead Times
  • Roto Printing

On Shore

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Lower Minimums
  • Higher Technology

Utilize USP Staff to:

  • Select On Shore vs Off Shore
  • The correct factory that meets your needs
  • Multiple sources depending on needs

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

For more than 50 years, the flexible packaging industry has been committed to creating innovative, sustainable packaging. A sustainable package takes into consideration all aspects of the triple bottom line (financial, social, environmental) and each stage of a package’s life cycle, including raw materials, production processes, transportation, functionality, end-of-use options, and the  ustainability of the product being packaged.

Less Resources. Less Footprint. More Value.

Less Waste in the First Place

The life cycle attributes of flexible packaging demonstrate many advantages across numerous packaging applications. Flexible packaging starts with less waste in the first place, greatly reducing landfill discards.

Innovation and technology have enabled flexible packaging manufacturers to use fewer natural resources in the creation of their packaging, and improvements in production processes have reduced water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and volatile organic compounds.

Even more, lighter-weight flexible packaging results in less transportation-related energy and  ossil fuel consumption and environmental pollution.

For today’s needs – and tomorrow’s – flexible packaging is a wise choice.

Enhancing the quality of life

Consider the many ways flexible packaging enhances our quality of life: Flexible packaging increases free time by facilitating easy-toprepare and microwavable meals. It provides peace of mind through innovative materials that help assure freshness and safety in the items we buy.

It reduces the weight of the contents in our shopping bags, as well as the amount of household packaging waste (and landfill consumption). Further, flexible packaging offers very high BTU fuel content for communities where waste-to-energy programs are available, reducing dependency on other energy resources.

These facts, plus the environmental considerations mentioned previously, make flexible packaging a true friend in your home and community.

Efficiencies reduce Waste & Cost

The concept of sustainability recognizes the importance of a thriving economy. Flexible packaging proves its worth and its value for businesses, as well as consumers and the environment. With flexible packaging, converters, manufacturers, shippers, and warehouse personnel gain more cost-efficient production and handling.

Retailers benefit from tighter, more eye-catching shelves, with products delivering longer shelf life. Transparent collation films reduce the need and cost of printing on secondary packaging and efficiently combine shipping and retail packaging reducing back-ofstore waste.

More value with less packaging – that’s what the innovations of flexible packaging consistently deliver in the drive for sustainability.

For more information regarding the services United Source Packaging has to offer and how we can help you and your business succeed.