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Hi Clarity #2 Recycle Produce Pouch

USP and Bassett Packaging Sales have partnered to create our NEW HiC2 pouch.
  • Compliant with #2 Recycle waste stream (HDPE)
  • Able to say “RECYCLABLE” on the package, not just show the symbol*.
  • Maintain Hi Clarity for Produce
  • Maintains Thickness of industry standard
  • Complies with film requirements of high-quality ROTO printing.
  • Seamless replacement for current industry standard SUP (currently a #5 or #7)
  • Also compliant with #4 Recycle Waste Stream and can show symbol #4 yet cannot state as LDPE recyclable in verbiage on pouch.

  • Film and zipper made from 100% Polyethylene.
  • Density of film is compliant with the HDPE #2 recycle stream.
  • Per FTC guidelines, only #1 and #2 plastics recycle streams are available to 60% of the consumers and therefore can be called “recyclable”. This means that over 60% of the US Population has the ability to recycle these pouches. For example, #4, #5 and #7 fall below this threshold and legally cannot claim recyclability.
  • USP has developed a film lamination that meets this standard and is fit for use.
  • Meets H2R Recycle Standard


Frequently Asked Questions About
  • Is the Zipper Recyclable? Yes, it is made from Polyethylene and within the standards set by Recycling Associations.
  • Is this pouch biodegradable/compostable? No, but it can be. Contact United Source Packaging or Bassett Packaging Sales for additional information.
  • Can I use the words “RECYCLABLE” on my package? Yes, The FTC requires that in order to say “RECYCLABLE” on a package, that type of plastic must be available to 60% of consumers, which HDPE, a #2 symbol, is considered to be, and accepted by consortiums such as How2Recycle.
  • I currently have a #5 or a #7 recycle symbol on my package. Isn’t that recyclable? NO. Those plastics recycle streams are not available to 60% of consumers so are not considered recyclable.
  • Ink and adhesive are not PE. Why is HiC2 considered recyclable? Ink and adhesive are a very small weight percentage of the package and fall within the guidelines set by Recycling Associations.