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Paper-based packaging for fresh produce, a colossal mistake

Date: [2023-03-01] , Popularity: 1101

Shay Zeltzer has been in the business of preserving freshness and reducing food waste for almost 30 years now, yet spending two days at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin recently has left him in shock. "Overnight, the packaging industry has turned into a paper-based industry, simply replacing plastic-based packaging with paper. This is pure greenwashing!&q…

When HDPE recycling is done right, we can help by keeping non-biodegradable

Date: [2022-06-14] , Popularity: 1116

Cherry shippers throughout the Pacific Northwest are ramping up for the start of the summer season. “The change of pace is exciting, cherries are a fun time of year,” said Dan Davis, director of business development at Starr Ranch Growers.

Starr Ranch Growers develop new recyclable HIC2 plastic apple bags

Date: [2021-09-07] , Popularity: 1996

Apples are the largest commodity segment at Starr Ranch Growers. While the company grows and provides a variety of other fruits within the marketplace — pears, stonefruit and cherries — team members think of apples as its “hero” fruit and the bulk of its business.

How great can a compatibilizer be?

Date: [2021-01-24] , Popularity: 2866

Millionsof pounds of multi-material flexible films end up in landfills each year. It’sa waste. It’s a shame. And, it doesn’t need to happen anymore. With thedevelopment of RETAIN™ Polymer Modifier, multi-layer barrier films can berecycled. RETAIN™ improves the optics and re-processability of the recycledfilm. What were once considered hard-to-recycle films can no…

Plastic Packaging Tax

Date: [2020-12-31] , Popularity: 1698

UK producers of plastic packaging, importers of plastic packaging, business customers of producers and importers of plastic packaging, and consumers who buy goods in plastic packaging in the UK.

There will be an exemption for producers and importers of small amounts of plastic packaging to mitigate against disproportionate administrative burdens in comparison …

Sustainable Pkg Article from Packaging Digest 2019

Date: [2020-05-26] , Popularity: 2135

This year marks the end of an incredibly eventful decade on so many levels. Thought-leader Nina Goodrich breaks down the sustainability advancements and challenges packaging professionals have experienced in the last decade, year by year.

Recyclable All-PE Pouches Sustainable Opportunity for Film Extruders

Date: [2020-05-26] , Popularity: 1470

Sustainability and the Circular Economy are both a challenge and an opportunity to flexible packaging producers. Recyclable pouches based on all-PE multilayer structures, utilizing new resins and perhaps techniques like MDO or biaxial orientation, appear to be major contenders against glass, metal, and multi-material film structures.

Environmentally Friendly Shrink Film

Date: [2020-05-26] , Popularity: 1267

An industrial printing company was facing serious issues with overuse of shrink film. They were trying to find a way to cut down their usage of shrink film, but they also wanted to see if the answer to their solution could be a sustainable one. With sustainability being such a massive issue nowadays, the industrial printing company hoped to find a “green” alternativ…

Digimarc Brings Scan & Shop Technology to Walmart’s Toy Catalog

Date: [2020-05-26] , Popularity: 1332

Scan & Shop powered by Digimarc’ makes it easy to buy gifts when and how customers wantBEAVERTON, Ore. – November 14, 2019 – Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), creator of the Digimarc Platform for digital identification and detection, today announced that Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has activated its seasonal toy catalog with Digimarc technology, …

Can I get coronavirus from a package delivered from China

Date: [2020-05-26] , Popularity: 1242

Residents at the epicenter of China’s mysterious viral outbreak are quarantined. But their mailed shipments are not. Does that pose a risk?It’s a legitimate question — especially in California — because we import so many products from China.

AdFresh™ special packaging material for long-term storage and importsexports

Date: [2020-05-26] , Popularity: 1092

AdFresh™ is a packaging film manufactured using our special polymers. Although the film is processed without micropores, it functions as a modified atmosphere film to suppress the respiration of fruits and vegetables based on its gas permeability, thus keeping produce fresh over long storage periods.
The effectiveness* of the product is currently being tested at…

United Source Packaging was started in 2009 by a trio of packaging

Date: [2020-03-04] , Popularity: 3191

United Source Packaging was started in 2009 by a trio of packaging industry veterans and quickly opened the China office of USP that same year with the idea to offer the right product at the right price for our customer base. Since starting USP has grown by delivering on that vision and we continue to pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of packaging technolog…